The Intriguing Life of Ximena Godoy

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ISBN-13: 9781960946249
Publication date: 09/15/2023
Pages: 250
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.57(d)


Revenge and murder define Ximena Godoy’s story. Her lifetime spans the first half of the 20th century, a transformative time of revolution, economic depression, uprooting and migration. During that time, she witnesses and participates in an era of revolution, bootlegging, dance halls, as well as evolving rules that determine women’s lives in both Mexico and America. Never a traditional or conventional woman, Ximena Godoy shatters rules that govern her Mexican heritage, and even those of a wider world. Her story portrays an ever-changing woman who morphs from sheltered child into a complex, deeply flawed human being, passionate and independent, quick to love unconditionally, but just as ready to cling obsessively to revenge, a flaw that leads her into the murky world of murder and criminal justice.

6 reviews for The Intriguing Life of Ximena Godoy

  1. LA Woman

    I have read most of her books, and this must certainly be Graciela Limón’s best work so far. All her writing is resonant and meaningful, but Ximena Godoy is exceptional. Ximena is a complex character of strength, determination, and intellect, but she is also flawed and tragic. The flow of her life calls on all her best qualities and her skills and abilities create the heights she reaches from her most humble beginnings. There is sadness and dramatic lows because of her decisions and behavior as well. For me, a third generation Latina with roots in Mexico, it took me back to my Grandmother’s kitchen listening to the stories the grown ups recounted of their experiences and struggles during the Revolution. The historical context is depicted with great care for accuracy and becomes a character in the story of Ximena Godoy. Limón writes without judgement as to good or bad, and only the humanity of Ximena shines through. She leaves the judgement to you. Enjoy and read on!

  2. Ashtani

    Intrigue is the word for it…you won’t cheer for the protagonist but you keep reading to find out what her passions lead her to next.

  3. Celina Garcia

    I couldn’t wait to find out what happened to Ximena Godoy, I was riveted until the end.

  4. robert robles

    Once I picked the book up I could not put it down. A true life like story.

  5. JJH

    Graciela Limon’s books always transport the reader to other people’s world’s and their life experience. Set in the days prior to the Mexican Revolution, we follow Ximena’s life path through its highs and lows. Ximena was a fighter and a survivor of revolution, abandonment, and various careers and loves, that peaked and crashed! Through her we explore the universal story of women whose love of a man lead them on paths they could never imagine traveling until they were set in motion. Ximena was not a passive participant, but rather a woman of strong desires, making choices that involved great risk and danger. Without giving the story away, the reader will experience the passion of love, and the pits of betrayal Ximena encounters throughout various phases of life. We also experience her mistakes, and live with her, the consequences of those flawed choices.

    And as I write this, what I truly wanted to say is that Ximena represents the life of those of us who have lived long enough to see the patterns in our own lives, and have learned from both the good and bad decisions. Ximena’s story reminds me that we can never judge another, for just as Ximena was making her best effort to survive a life that had unpredictable challenges, aren’t we all faced with the same challenge? Ximena’s courage sustained her through all this. She never gave up! She stands as the flawed heroine, reminding us that the heroic life is also a life filled with flaws, pain and tragedy.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Limón’s latest work is the compelling story of Ximena Godoy, a strong, wilful, ambitious and passionate woman way ahead of her times. The novel begins in 1950 Los Angeles with a murder, then moves back to 1908 Guadalajara when Ximena was a wealthy, beautiful, precocious girl of nine – already capturing the eyes of older men – who wants to join the revolution, to 1920’s-30’s Juarez’s Great Depression before sweeping back full circle to 1950 L.A.

    Tragedy and violence seem to surround Ximena like a curse, and from her choice of men to the way she impulsively follows her heart, she fluctuates from ecstatic happiness to unbearable anguish. In an era when proper women were “like a glass of finest crystal that will always show the slightest sign of being handled,” Ximena rises above the rest – and pays the full price.

    The author uses the omniscient point of view, so the reader is able to glimpse into all the characters’ psyches. Limón’s prose is beautiful and forceful, flowing like the blood of the revolutionaries. Love, passion, regret, treason, and revenge are the main themes explored in the story. With her many flaws, Ximena is a protagonist that will be loved by some, yet hated by others. One thing is for sure: no reader will remain impartial to her powerful personality. The historical details bring the story to life with vivid sharpness, and the author culminates the story with a thoroughly satisfying ending.

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