About The Author

Graciela Limón

Graciela Limón, a prolific author with a rich and diverse body of work, has left an indelible mark on the world of contemporary literature. Her impressive list of novels, including “Dreamers” and several others, showcases her exceptional storytelling prowess and her dedication to exploring a wide range of themes and cultural backgrounds.

Born in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, Graciela Limón has deep roots in the very landscape that often serves as the backdrop for her novels. Her connection to this diverse and culturally rich city is evident in her storytelling, as Los Angeles itself becomes a character in many of her works.

Limón’s novels have resonated with readers far and wide, earning her reviews from esteemed publications like Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and scholarly journals. Leading newspapers such as The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, and the Houston Chronicle have also featured reviews of her work, cementing her status as a noteworthy literary figure.

One of the crowning achievements of Graciela Limón’s career is the prestigious Luis Leal Literary Award, an honor that recognizes her exceptional contribution to U.S. Literature. This accolade is a testament to the depth and impact of her writing on the literary landscape.

In 1993, The Los Angeles Times acknowledged Limón as a notable writer, further solidifying her reputation as an author of significance. Her work has also been featured in several anthologies, highlighting the enduring relevance and appeal of her storytelling.

Among her notable literary works are titles such as “In Search of Bernabé,” “The Memories of Ana Calderón,” “The Song of the Hummingbird,” “Day of the Moon,” “Erased Faces,” “Left Alive,” “The River Flows North,” “The Madness of Mamá Carlota,” and “Dreamers.” Each of these novels offers a unique exploration of the human experience, infused with the cultural richness and historical significance that define Limón’s storytelling.

As an author deeply rooted in the tapestry of Los Angeles, Graciela Limón’s work continues to resonate with readers across generations. Her storytelling transcends boundaries, allowing readers to embark on journeys of discovery, empathy, and reflection through her characters and narratives.

With “Dreamers” now a part of her literary legacy, Graciela Limón’s influence on literature continues to grow. Her ability to craft stories that capture the essence of the human spirit remains as powerful and relevant as ever, ensuring that her impact on the literary world endures for years to come.

In the Author’s Words

“My journey as a writer has been a tapestry woven with threads of passion, culture and the vibrant city of Los Angeles that raised me. Through my novels, I’ve sought to illuminate the diverse stories and backgrounds that have shaped my world. My writing has been deeply private yet not solitary because as I write each page, I’m surrounded by people I’ve known, as well as by unforgotten memories.

“I’m the daughter of Mexican immigrants, raised in the heart of that culture, so my books are filled with the ghosts of tíos, tías, and neighbors that walked the streets of my beloved city, as are their legends and language, beliefs and superstitions. Images return from when I was a graduate student in Mexico City, a professor in Los Angeles, a sojourner throughout different parts of the world. I recreate the strong visionary women I’ve known in my lifetime, as well as other pilgrims and immigrants that enrich my memory. And if you look with care and love, you too will see them as I do.”